Cake storage question

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Cake storage question

Hi Lindsey,
I have made a Creole cake and a Moist Chocolate and Rum Squares cake. Both have turned out very well indeed.

Please can you tell me, with the Creole cake (18cm cake tin version), if this is stored in an airtight plastic container how long will it keep? And how long if stored in a air tight container in the freezer?

Also the same question with the Moist chocolate and Rum squares cake?

Many Thanks

Lindsey, Food Editor

For PeterS

Hello Peter,

For the Creole Cake, it will be fine in the airtight tin for a week, once cut I would cover the exposed edge with a piece of Clingfilm to stop it drying out. Or if you want to keep it longer (up to 3 weeks) I would wrap it in greaseproof paper or baking parchment and then foil and still keep in on the tin.

Longer than 3 weeks I would freeze it in a polythene bag, which can be done in portions or whole.

The Moist Chocolate and Rum Squares will keep well in the airtight tin for about 4 days. Again if you want to keep it longer I would freeze it.

We have a video technique about storing cakes which can be found alongside the ‘How it make Perfect Cakes’ cookery school.

Best wishes


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