Chocolate cake

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Chocolate cake

Every time i make a chocolate cake i seem to get a crack around one side of the sponge, the mixture is never dry and the cake is always moist and i also make sure the oven is set just right so its not cooking too quickly. i use the creaming method and just cant work out what im doing wrong was wondering if Delia could help? really enjoying the cookery school found it incredibly helpful and informative well done Delia and your team!

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Lit20

Hello Lit20,

Thank you for your positive feedback about the cookery school.

Your chocolate cake sounds delicious. I’m sure the cracking has nothing to do with either the recipe or the method. It could be that your oven is too hot and it’s drying out the sides (and in your case perhaps one side of your oven is hotter that the other) or cracking can occur if you open the oven too soon.

Perhaps you could try reducing the oven temperature down by 10 degrees C and see how the cake is.

If, when you cook other dishes, you find they cook quicker on one side I would try positioning the cake on the oven shelf away from the hotter side of the oven.

I hope that helps,

Best wishes


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