Scallops and Vermouth

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romaine ahern

Scallops and Vermouth

Hi Lindsey,
Love the sound of Delia's recipe for scallops in vermouth, two queries please. Have a lovely pack of frozen scallops without rows and no vermouth. Can the recipe be successfully adapted to use frozen scallops and dry white wine? Although not ideal I guess compromise sometimes works?

Thank you

Queen of Puds

Scallops & vermouth

I often use frozen scallops, thaw them first. And have also used white wine. Still taste fab, one of my favourites ....

Lindsey, Food Editor

Scallops in the Shell

Hello romaine ahern,

I agree with QoP, this is a lovely recipe. Just increase the quantity of scallops to make up for the missing rows and perhaps add a bay leaf and some peppercorns to the wine to add a little bit of flavour.

This recipe has a lot of sauce, which is exactly how it’s supposed to be so have some nice bread to serve with it.

Best wishes


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