Sugar and Artifical Sweetners

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Sugar and Artifical Sweetners

I've just asked a question on the 'can anyone help' forum regarding sugar subsitute and it occured to me that there are many of your followers out here looking to cut way down on the sugar content of our baking/cooking.

Lindsey would it be possible to do an article/post on subsituting sweetners for sugar, and what type of sweetner should be used.

Many thanks for any help you fell able to offer

Lindsey, Food Editor

Sugar and Sweetners

Hello Kah22,

I read about Xylitol and I have bought some but not tried it in cooking yet.
They say can be used as a direct alternative to sugar because you use the same weight and it is a product made from natural ingredients. It has 40 percent less calories. It is sold as Total Sweet.

As and when we try recipes with it we will put them online.

Best wishes


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