Raw eggs in fridge cakes HELP!

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Raw eggs in fridge cakes HELP!

My Austrian friend made a wonderful coffee and walnut fridge pudding using raw eggs. When the salmonella fears started all the recipes using raw eggs disappeared. My friend is now 97 and cannot remember this cake. My oven is not working properly (I will get a new one next month when I move house.) In the meantime I have to contribute something special for 12 at Xmas. Does anyone know this recipe? It had layers of sponge fingers pressed together with beaten butter, castor sugar, two (?) whole free range eggs, flavoured with camp coffee, Tia Maria or other alcohol and broken walnuts. It was pressed into a loaf tin with a heavy weight in the fridge overnight and decorated with walnuts and flaked chocolate before serving. Does anyone know the proportions AND IS IT SAFE TO EAT?

Lindsey, Food Editor

Raw Eggs

Hello Panny,

I don’t know your recipe but your right that vulnerable groups should not eat raw eggs.

Can you get pasteurised egg where you live? Chefs often use pasteurised egg whenever they need raw egg in a recipe and I can never tell the difference.

Best wishes


Queen of Puds

Coffee cake with raw eggs

I'm sure my mum used to make that ... I'll give her a bell ... Watch this space....

Queen of Puds

Raw egg cake

It wasn't exactly the same after all, but quite similar probably & you could try it maybe if you have no raw egg concerns?

Malakov Gateaux

75g butter & 75g caster sugar creamed together.
I egg yolk beaten in.
Add 110g ground almonds
Add 75ml single cream
Mix 3TBS brandy with half a pint of cold strong coffee
Dip 24 sponge fingers into it swiftly & layer up with the cream, egg & almond mixture, ideally in a cling film lined loaf tin. Freeze or chill until firmed up. Turn out & decorate with whipped cream & toasted almonds.

Haven't had it for years, but it was moreish & quite 70's .....

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