Classic Christmas Pudding: Substitutions

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Classic Christmas Pudding: Substitutions

Hello from the Rocky Mountains, USA! I'm steaming my second batch of this piece of heaven, it tastes better than that store-bought pudding I remember from when I was a kid.
The first batch was a test b/c I could not find suet, much less have a chance to shred it.
I substituted coconut oil, turned out great, lower melting point than suet but cold pudding holds together very well. Any thoughts?
Is the mixed chopped peel candied in advance and what types of peel do you recommend since the ingredients already include lemon and orange rind.
How sour are Bramley apples (perhaps a pH value of acidity)? Our Granny Smiths (that's what I used) not too sour. I thought about sprinkling the Grannys w/cider vinegar? Thoughts?
I diced the Apple, recipe was not clear on how the apple is prepped?
Sultanas: I used golden raisins?
Could you post your recipe for "Mixed Spice?"
I ran the dried fruits through a food processor for about a minute. Thoughts?
THANKS SO MUCH for a GREAT recipe.
PS. I did find BarleyWine!


Christmas pudding

AlBee, might I suggest you ask your questions on 'Can Anyone Help' then we can answer you.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For AlBee

Hello AlBee,

Sorry for the delay but hopefully as its about 3am in the Rocky Mountains I haven’t held you up.

The mixed spice that we use contains the following roasted spices …
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Coriander, Clove Buds and Mace. I would say 1 spoonful of each of these roasted ground spices and half of the mace.

Coconut oil sounds like a good idea to me. We buy candied orange peel, lemon peel and citron (we can also get chopped mixed peel which is just lemon and orange) and chop it ourselves but if you can’t get it I would just up the zest.

Bramley’s are sharp but I would use any apple and I wouldn’t add any vinegar, a spot of lemon juice would be better.

I dice my apple too, quite fine but it can be chopped in the processor.

We do not chop the vine fruits; just leave them whole unless you think any are exceptionally large.

Please feel free to come back at any time and yes please do ask on the can anyone help forum as you may get a quicker response but we do endeavor to be at hand to offer help as frequently as we can.

I hope Christmas is wonderful in the Rocky Mountains.

Merry Christmas



Christmas pudding

Welshcookie, maybe the reason they posted here is because they wanted Lindsey to reply rather than everyone else?


Christmas pudding

That's is absolutely fine. As the poster is not a frequent poster he/she may not be aware of all the options for answers.
Linsey has answered the post, I'm sure to the poster's complete satisfaction.


Thanks for the info

Lindsey, and all,
I appreciate the incredibly fast, caring responses and the details are helpful, I hope to all. I am unmolding my second batch this morning, can't wait!

Also, my apologies, the rules for this forum were listed at the top of the forum page as, "...We're also here to listen to your cookery comments, share your ideas and try to help you in any way we can. Why not ask your question now?"

And so I did.

Happy Holidays to all!




I live in your region of the USA too. Here is what I do:

Mixed spice: I've used Lindsey's mixture and it's good. But Penzey's Spices (there's a store in Boulder, and one in Cherry Creek in Denver and probably elsewhere) sells a mixed spice they call 'baking spice.'

I use Granny Smith apples instead of Bramleys.

Golden raisins are indeed sultanas.

For a good source of candied peel, try I buy Italian candied orange and lemon peel from them. (I don't like citron!)


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