Broken Christmas cake

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Broken Christmas cake

I have been making a xmas cake for many, many years, but this year I have broken it in half, when I was feeding it brandy ( hic )for the fourth time, aprox: can it be fixed?

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Gilbo

Hello Gilbo,

It can’t be fixed but it can still be used.

I would put it on a cake board and carefully push it together. Wrap the outside edge of the cake fairly tightly with cling film then put the whole thing in a food bag and then into an airtight tin if you have one.

Probably stop feeding it for now, just check it before you decorate it and give it a little then if it doesn’t feel slightly moist on the surface.

Finally I would cover the whole thing (sides as well) in marzipan and icing.

Obviously when you do you will need to unwrap the cake and do the glaze, marzipan and icing but keep the cake on its board on a flat surface when you do this.

Good luck


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