Desperate - ROYAL icing.

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sam from worthing

Desperate - ROYAL icing.

I am in the process now of royal icing my christmas cake.

I use the delia method (green christmas book) everytime i ice a christmas cake.


huge problem...

my cake is a 20cm square.

I used the exact ingredients mentioned for the icing - but i seem to have more than half left over....and it is just not "going off" to make the droplet snow thingys. they just ooze back into the top of the cake, and its sliding off the cake onto the cake board.

I moved to the shadey colder part of the kitchen to ice it...but it is still rolling down.

can i rectify this? HELP ME... Please xxxx

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Sam

Hello Sam,

Sounds like your egg whites may have been too large.

The only this you can do is scrape it all back into a bowl and whisk in more sifted icing sugar until you get a consistency to make stiff peaks.

Good luck


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