Christmas Chutney: Quantity of All Spice Substitute

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Christmas Chutney: Quantity of All Spice Substitute


I live an hour's drive from Gibraltar, and each year, I buy allspice from there. This year, however there are three hour queues to get in and out. So my Christmas Chutney will need to be with a substitute of equal amounts of:

- cloves
- nutmeg
- black pepper
- cinnamon

(this is right, yea?).

My question is: for the 25 grams of allspice berries, how much should I use in grams of the substitute mix (all will be ground by me)?

Many thanks.


Sorry - mistake - 75g, not 25g of allspice

Hello again,

I misquoted the quantity from the recipe - it states 75 of allspice - not 25 g.


Lindsey, Food Editor

Christmas Chutney

Hello Farcry,

I have never had to substitute allspice but I have heard that those spices in equal parts do work when needed. As they are ground I would only use 25g. I would still put the ground spices in a muslin bag

Best wishes


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