oily vinaigrette dressing

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oily vinaigrette dressing

every time I try to make a salad dressing in volume, it turns out oily. It seems to be OK if I make it by putting ingredients on the greens and tossing it, but when I want to make it ahead of time, I just can't get it to emulsify. I've tried using a fork, a whisk and a blender. I have tried it in a blender by adding the oil slowly as I would in making mayonnaise, to no avail. An example is a simple vinegar, oil, mustard combo (with seasoning of course). Any tips?

Lindsey, Food Editor


Hello Taco,

If you want an emulsified vinaigrette I think it’s best not to make too much at one time because even if it does emulsify the first time you use it, it will probably split again after.

I find that it’s the mustard that helps it emulsify. We like to use Dijon mustard at home and we start with quite a generous amount. To that we add our seasoning and flavouring then, using a mini whisk, add the vinegar and mix it until it is thoroughly combined the we whisk in 1 tablespoon of oil at a time (not too fast) until it is emulsified each time before we add any further oil. Then at the end we tend to whisk in a tablespoon of water to lighten it.

My mother-in-law makes lovely salad dressing and she always makes hers in a small basin but then never refrigerates it. It dose split but then it always comes back together with a whisk each time before she uses it.

Hope that helps,


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