Mesuring cups

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Mesuring cups


I read quite a lot of recipes which have American unit measures, e.g. cups, if I buy a set of measuring cups how can I be sure that they are set for American volumes so that I don't have to go through the process of converting everything into UK measurements when I want to make something? Is there an easy way around this (apart from never looking at recipes with US measurements that is!)?

Lindsey, Food Editor

Measuring Cups

Hello peasgood3,

I’m sure if you order American cups they will be the right ones but you can double check here.

Best wishes



Cup measures

Hi Peasegood, Cup measures are just a ratio; Where we use lbs/gms Americans use cups, as long as you use the same measure you can use anything from an espresso cup to a 2pint mug. There is not much difference between sets of measuring cups you can buy, whether American or English.


cups versus weights


I am American who usually cooks by weight rather than volume as most folks here do.

Typically instructions for using cup measures are "sift the flour then spoon it carefully into the cup" so you get aerated flour. A cup - 8 fluid ounces - of flour can vary by weight from about 6 ounces (170g) to 4.25 ounces (120g). This is a huge amount!

In addition to Delia's tables, you might try these:

King Arthur Flour is a brand of flour that is primarily in the US Northeast (where I don't live), but they are a great resource for all kinds of information as well. This chart has weight and volume measures for a large number of ingredients. Unfortunately, they are all in Imperial amounts of ounces by weight but it's better than nothing!


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