butter vs margerine

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butter vs margerine


Does the fat I use in cake recipes really make a difference?

I always have real salted butter and stork margarine in the fridge so and often use these in cakes. I've never had poor results but
I've heard people say that unsalted butter is best for cakes because of the water content, is that true?

I know Delia has said that spreadable butter is okay too....I'm very confused...what is best? And does it really matter what I use?
Is any particular type of butter/marge suited to different cake making methods/types methods?

Lindsey, Food Editor

Butter v Margarine

Hello puddingpie,

Spreadable butter or soft margarine both make really good all-in-one mixtures, we like the spreadable butter for its flavour and the touch of oil makes a lovely nice sponge.

Salted or unsalted is personal preference. We generally use salted butter. We use block butter for any recipe where the butter is melted and for cakes made using the creaming method.

Best wishes


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