is this yoghurt ?

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is this yoghurt ?

i had a 3/4 pint ( approx.) of semi skimmed homogenised milk in the fridge, on returning from a weekend away , which was tasting off . Rather than dispose of it I poured it into a pint beer glass and covered it with cling film, Now . some 3 weeks later it has solidified a bit and tastes quite pleasant like yoghurt . I see from recipes that you have to cook milk to get yoghurt , so do I have buttermilk or what ? I would like to use it in bread making

Lindsey, Food Editor

Is this yoghurt?

Hello beetee,

I’m sorry but I have no idea. Perhaps try the can anyone help forum.

Best wishes




You have milk that is gone bad. If you leave pasteurised milk to go off it should not be used. If you want to make products from milk it should be unpasteurised milk.
The exception is yoghurt making where you add a starter (some yoghurt) to pasteurised milk.

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