wedding cake

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wedding cake

Help! I am putting marzipan on my son's wedding cake (never done it before) and I can see the lines of the cooling rack coming through as it dries even though I filled them in. What can I do please?

Lindsey, Food Editor

For syd

Hello syd,

Perhaps your marzipan is too thin. I would add another layer on the top. Just brush the surface of the first layer with a little cold water to make the second layer stick then when the new layer is in place, gently roll it so it fills any bits of uneven surface, before your trim away any excess on the edge.

Good luck.



Wedding cake

If it really, really worries you, remove the marzipan and turn the cake over. But I would not take that step.

But once the cake is decorated with everything no one will notice at all.
The icing will make it look perfect anyway.

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