Christmas Mincemeat

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Christmas Mincemeat

I love your mincemeat the only problem I have is that the finished product is light murky brown and I follow the recipe till the end.
Could it be because I keep steering it during the cooling period?
The taste is still good but not presentable.
Thanks and looking forward to your answer.


Lindsey, Food Editor

Christmas Mincemeat

Hello Margaret,

It’s not because you are stirring it. The reason for the colour is because the melted suet mingles with the juices from the fruit and the melted brown sugar. We have some in our storecupboard and it is brown too.

The shiny, brightly coloured mincemeats are usually mixed, left to stand and put into sterilized jars without any pre-cooking.

The reason Delia cooks it is to prevent it fermenting.

Best wishes


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