Cookery School Souffles

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Cookery School Souffles


I now have my souffle dish of the correct size and have made the chocolate souffle. The oven temperature was not given in the recipe but I got it from watching the video again.

I buy medium eggs locally so choose the largest when recipes call for large eggs, I also used creme fraiche instead of double cream and 50% chocolate as I prefer it to the bitter 70% chocolate. However when I came to fill the souffl&"233; dish I found that I had enough mixture to fill 2 dishes. How has this happened as I did measure everything out carefully.

Also the souffles did not rise well was this because I used creme fraiche instead?

Lastly can they be cooked in a fan oven if the temperature is lowered?
Thank you

Lindsey, Food Editor

Cookery School Souffle

Hello Hol,

The temperature has been added to the recipe. Thank you for pointing it out.

I am baffled about the issues you have had with the quantities because I have only ever used large eggs. Do you definitely have a souffle dish with a 850ml capacity?

I will do the recipe again as soon as I can to check it again.

Using creme fraiche should make no difference.

I have never tried the soufflé in a fan oven but as a general rule you should lower the temperature by 20 degrees.

Best wishes



Chocolate Souffle

Thanks for your reply. The dish is definitely 850ml as I measured the capacity to check that I had been sent the right one and it also measures 14cm across the bottom and 6cm high too. So I am also puzzled.

I will also have to try the recipe again a good excuse for more chocolate!

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