Beef Bourginonne Easy Recipe

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Melanie Heaney-Scott

Beef Bourginonne Easy Recipe

I live in the USA and cannot buy some of the ingredients in Delia's recipes. such as:
1 x 180 g pack Waitrose Borettane Onions in Balsamic Vinegar

Do you think I could soak some pearl onions in balsamic for a few hours or overnight and use them instead?

If that's not a good idea, can you suggest a replacement?

Thanks a million

Lindsey, Food Editor

Boeuf Bourguignon Easy

Hello Melanie,

I’m not sure is you are referring to soaking pickled pearl onions in balsamic? If you are I think they could be too vinegary – how about using frozen pearl onions. I have never shopped in the USA but I saw them on the Netgrocer site so perhaps they are available from other supermarkets too.

If you do use frozen pearl onions in this recipe I wouldn’t worry about soaking then in balsamic, the recipe will work with them as they are.

Best wishes,


Melanie Heaney-Scott

Easy Beef Bourginonne

Thanks Lindsey, Yes I can by them in the freezer section, I used them in most stews I make, but if the balsmaic vinegar is not really a requirement then I will use them straight from the bag!
Thanks for much ofr the help
Melanie (Princeton, NJ)

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