Difference in spoon sizes

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Difference in spoon sizes

Dear Lindsey, forgive me this ridiculous question but since I am a devoted Delia's How To Cook user, a clarification will make a huge difference to me as I follow Delia's recipes. Not originating from the British culture I have a difficulty understanding what size is a dessert spoon and a table spoon - thing is, we don't have a dessert spoon in our culture. I don't know what to think, is dessert spoon bigger or smaller than the table one? Thank you very much. If you could kindly provide measurements of the two, I will be endlessly grateful. Stasie

Queen of Puds

Measuring spoons

A Teaspoon is 5ml of liquid, dessert spoon is 10ml & a table spoon (a serving spoon size - too big to get in your mouth) is 15 to 20 ml.

When I was at school in home economics lessons, we were taught to weigh with tablespoons - thus a rounded tablespoon of flour was an imperial ounce - that's about 25 to 28g.

But if you put measuring spoons in the search for this site, Delia has both her explanation & pictures which may help.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Delia's Spoons

Hello Stasie,

In all of Delia’s recipes we use the following –

Teaspoon = 5ml
Dessertspoon = 10ml
Tablespoon = 15ml

As QoP says Delia uses a kitchen spoons not measuring spoons. If you don’t have one of Delia’s tablespoons (or a 20ml spoon) just use 2 dessertspoons for every tablespoon.

Best wishes



Difference in Spoons

Dear Lindsay and Queen of Puds, thank you so much for your clarification. One of the many little things that make a big difference! You have been most helpful with measurements, thanks a million. Stasie

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