Christmas mince pie taste problem

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Sue G

Christmas mince pie taste problem

A few week ago i made some mincemeat ready for christmas.
Have been following Delia's recipe for many years & never a problem.
This time the mixture was not swimming in fat, i thought maybe the oven had been to hot.
Once cooled in the jars it looked ok.
Yesterday i was making the kids some jam tarts & thought to make some mince pies just to see if it was ok.

They looked good & smelt good, did not taste good.Something was missing. Hubby said it was lack of salt, but i had put salt in the pastry, & the jam tarts were ok.
Any ideas? i have 4 jars sitting in the cupboard

Lindsey, Food Editor


Hello Sue G,

I’m not sure about this one! There is no salt in mincemeat so that shouldn’t make a difference. The only thing that I can think of is that if you have overheated it, that it has lost the fragrance of the zest and too much of the fruit juice has evaporated. Perhaps try adding a little fresh citrus juice and zest to half a jar and heat some to see if it improves it.

Best wishes


Sue G

christmas mince pies

Thank you for the advice, will give it a try tomorrow and see what happens.

I even double checked the recipe both in the book & net just to see about salt. Really strange.

It was like eating bread with no salt.

Will make another batch just incase.

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