Oven temperatures

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Rita Evans

Oven temperatures

I've just been looking at the basic sponge cake recipes and am inspired to try. I have a fan oven, but the temperatures recommended do not state whether this is for a fan or conventional oven. Can anyone help please?


Oven temperatures

All Delia recipes are for conventional ovens.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Oven Temperatures

Hello Rita,

All of Delia’s recipes that are cooked in an oven are tested in ovens using conventional heat. If your fan oven cannot be switched to conventional heat and you do not have the manual to check the manufactures advice the general recommendation is to reduce the temperature by 20 degrees. Last week I worked with the pastry chef at NCFC and we baked two Double lemon Drizzle Cakes with Poppy Seeds (which is a sponge cake). One we baked in their commercial fan oven at 155 degrees and the other we baked in their gas oven at gas mark 3 (equivalent to 170 degrees). As they can adjust the fan speed on their ovens we kept it quite low.

The final results were very similar. We found that the fan oven cake rose slightly more in the centre and cracked a little and was darker and seemed to form a sort of skin on the surface – so we had to stab it more with a skewer to get the syrup to soak evenly all over the cake. The gas oven result was fractionally lighter in texture. But overall both were good and little difference could be seen once the syrup and sugar were on them.

There has been lots of post on the forums about sponge cakes not working in fan ovens but also some that work well so you will have to see how you get on.

Please be aware that the classic sponge cake is not supposed to be impressively deep. It should, when filled be a perfect balance of jam to sponge. Make sure you use large eggs; I always pick out the largest ones in the box for sponges.

Best wishes


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