Confused about the quantities

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romaine ahern

Confused about the quantities

Hello, I wanted to make pickled shallots in sherry vinegar but I am confused. I have the Delia Christmas book (2009) and also cross referenced the recipe with the website (says taken from Christmas book 2009). However I am trying to understand the different quantities of the white wine vinegar and sherry vinegar and different spices used in the two recipes. Both have the same quantity of shallots and make the same quantity so please could you clarify the difference?

Thank you so much.


Lindsey, Food Editor


Hello romaine ahern,

I’m so sorry about the confusion.

It appears that the present online version is the original Christmas Book and wasn’t updated when Happy Christmas was published.

Please follow your Happy Christmas book version and I will make sure the online version is updated. Obviously you can use any spices you like but I can see from the testing notes you will probably need the higher proportion of vinegar to cover the shallots.

We are very grateful to you for taking the time to point this out.

Best wishes


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