Beetroot - too acidic

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Beetroot - too acidic

I made several Kilner jars of pickled beetroot about 6 weeks ago, sweetening pickling vinegar first, allowing to cool and then bottling up with the roasted beetroot. Tried some yesterday and it is way too sharp - I can only taste vinegar! Can I re-heat the liquid and add more sugar?

Lindsey, Food Editor


Hello Bellhurst,

Perhaps the pickling vinegar was too strong. We only have this recipe on the site.

I’m not sure if your suggestion will work but I suppose it’s worth trying even if it’s with just with 1 of the jars to start with to see they are more palatable. If you haven’t already you could try posting your query on the Can Anyone Help forum, as there are lots of members who are very experienced in home preserving.

Best wishes


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