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The recipe for Very Fruity Irish Tea Cake has half the amount of ingredients as Irish Tea Bread, but both recipes make a 2lb mixture. is this correct?

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Anne

Hello Anne,

You’re quite right, the new recipe is half the quantity of the older version of the recipe that is in How to Cook as we wanted to make the recipe for just one loaf in the new book but we have tested it in the Silverwood Deliaonline loaf tin and are happy with the results.

The 2 x 1lb loaf tins still work for the original version of the recipe (which makes just over 4lb of mixture) but for the new book we have kept it simple so that all the loaf cake recipes can be made using the same tin.

Just to reiterate the Deliaonline Silverwood Loaf Tin, is otherwise known as a 1lb Silverwood Tin (so called because it was originally for a 1lb loaf of bread) however it is the equivalent to a 2lb traditional loaf tin if you have one.

I hope that make sense, best wishes


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