Best way to cook a 12lb salmon?!

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Best way to cook a 12lb salmon?!

Hello all

It's my nephew's christening tomorrow and I've offered to help. For reasons only known to my sister, she thought it a good idea to hand me a 12lb salmon...

Morrisons have supplied a fish kettle. Head and tail have been removed to fit it in.

I have wine, herbs, lemon, butter etc

I'm wondering if it would be better to bake? It's so enormous I'm really unsure of times - both for baking and poaching.

Any help gratefully received!

Thank you.

Lindsey, Food Editor

12lb Salmon

Hello GillyFS,

No pressure then!

I haven’t done this for many years but when I did we used to poach them whole and serve them cold.

I put the whole cleaned and gutted fish in a kettle then covered with cold water. Then added sliced onion, carrot, leek, parsley stalks, peppercorns and bay leaves. (or you can do sliced lemons, herb stalks, peppercorns and some wine if you like).

I used to stand the fish up because it always presented well, but as your fish has had its head and tail removed I think it will present better on its side.

Over a couple of rings, heat the fish very slowly until it starts to boil then cover, turn off the heat and leave it to get completely cold before you lift it out. Then chill it in the fridge where it will firm up. When chilled peel away the skin and run you fingers along the side of the salmon to remove the brown bits (if you like) before place it skinned side down on your serving platter so that you skin or skin and clean the second side.

I don’t have timings for baking such a large salmon but there are quite a few recipes via Google if you prefer to bake it.

I hope the christening goes well and the sun shines.

Best wishes


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