Gluten free xmas pudding

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Gluten free xmas pudding

I have been cooking Delia's Traditional Christmas Pudding for years but have been asked to do a Gluten free one for a friend. I found the recipe in Delia's online site, with gluten-free substitutions but I'm confused as to why I would need to substitute the beef suet for gluten-free suet or vegetarian suet. Isn't beef suet gluten free? Do I need to substitute the beef suet because mixed with the gluten free flours and bread, the pudding is too stodgy?

Help please, Cassandra.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

Hello Cassandra,

The very well-known brand of beef suet that you get in the supermarket does contain wheat flour which does contain gluten.
So you will need gluten free bread, suet and flour for the recipe.

These are available in some health food shops, supermarkets or you could Google for on line suppliers.

Best wishes


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