Irish tea Bread

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Irish tea Bread

Could you check the recipe for Irish tea bread on page 226 of Delia's Vegetarian collection. I am pretty experienced with baking and when I tried this recipe it came out like a chewy Xmas cake. There seemed to be far too much fruit and not enough flour to even coat the fruit, The required amount of liquid made the cake mixture very thick, hence it's chewiness. I am wondering if some of the quantities have been printed wrongly as I am sure I followed the recipe correctly.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Irish Tea Bread

Hello User 01,

This is one of the recipes that Delia included in the new cake book. The new recipe is for just 1 cake but it does have the same proportions of fruit to flour. The new recipe has half the amount of sugar but is still made with 1 egg and 1 – 2 tablespoons of milk. It is a stiff mixture and very fruity.

The new version is available here online if you want to have a look at it you will see that the picture is quite clear so you can compare it with your own.

Also is part of the cookery school, Term One, lesson 5, Loaf Cakes where you can see the texture.

Delia uses 1 – 2 tablespoons (these being the old fashioned kitchen tablespoons) of milk , which is 20 – 40mls however I suspect from your comments that because of the high proportion of fruit, this cake may not be to your taste.

Best wishes


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