Cooking Christmas Puddings.

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Cooking Christmas Puddings.

Good morning Lindsey, if I had a large number of Christmas puddings to cook can I do them in the oven in a bain marie or do they have to be boiled on the stove top. Many thanks.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Cooking Christmas Puddings

Hello crumbles,

Delia really likes the stovetop method but I know sometimes that is not always possible. The chefs at the football club make thousands of Delia’s Christmas puddings each year (individuals in their case) and they cook them in huge steam ovens and I have myself at work and home have steamed both individual and large puddings in an oven when needs must.

The covered pudding needs to sit in a deep roasting tin, filled quite high with boiling water and then the whole thing needs to be covered in a tent of foil, secured tightly around the edges. The water needs to be checked frequently and the cooking time will be the same but in a pre-heated oven at 140C.

Best wishes


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