Boiled Fruit Cake

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Boiled Fruit Cake

Delia's fruit cake with crushed pineapple.

Could I store for over 2 weeks or is it better to freeze.

Trying to get ahead for Garden Party.

Thanks Maureen

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Honey, perhaps?

Hello Maureen,

Can you tell me where was it published please? I'm not sure that it is one of Delia's but I will check.

Or could it be Honey's recipe? If it is I'm sure Honey will answer your question.

Best wishes



Pineapple Cake

It does keep really well and I've certainly had it around that long. It's meant to be moist and seems to become more moist with time... so should be okay.

H x


Boiled Fruit Cake

I'd agree with Honey, it keeps really well.
It also freezes very well, so if you have any doubts then you could easily freeze it.
I always make boiled fruit cakes, they are so moist and fool-proof!!

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