Delia's Blackcurrant Ice Cream

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Delia's Blackcurrant Ice Cream

We've had the first batch of wonderful blackcurrants and I tried to follow Delia's recipe. I mashed and bashed the currants through a sieve as described, but it just wouldn't come through...just a gooey mess in the (metal) sieve. Thankfully I only committed 150g!

I did a web search and found another recipe that involves simmering the currants in syrup for five minutes, then puree with a stick blender and then force through the sieve. That worked a treat. However that recipe called for a tin of sweetened condensed as well as the cream (no egg) and to my taste the 'condensed milk' flavour is too strong although the blackcurrant flavour is delicious.

I suspect that Delia's has the better flavour, but why was I unable to get the (raw) blackcurrants through the sieve?


Blackcurrant ice cream

Tom, it would appear the recipe is at fault. It cannot be correct to try and put uncooked blackcurrants through a sieve. They must of course be cooked first. Were they a strange green colour as the colour is not released until the fruit/skin is cooked!?!

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Tom

Hello Tom,

Nice to see you back. Perhaps nylon sieves were much sturdier 40 years back! I will ask Delia this week and see if she has an answer. I’m sure if the recipe is wrong, as suggested, she will tell us.

Best wishes



Delia's Blackcurrant Ice Cream

Hi WC -- Yes, it was the first time I'd ever cooked with blackcurrants in my life. As you say, a green, gooey mess of pulped raw blackcurrant and stalks. I couldn't get it through the sieve; all I got was a sort of green slime on the bottom of the sieve. It was a decent metal sieve and a good 'old fashioned' wooden spoon.

Hi Lindsey, thanks; I haven't really been anywhere but we've been planting the garden I landscaped with the digger back in April. Loads of rotovating and digging....and fencing. We also have our first chickens - three copper star hybrids. POL but goodness when that point will occur!

Delia says ".... into the sieve set over a mixing bowl, and mash like mad with a wooden spoon until you have extracted all the pulp and only the stalks, pips and skins are left in the sieve." In the end before chucking it, I used a stick blender with stalks and all (per recipe)...and it was horrid.

I adapted the recipe I found elsewhere and when I served it this evening it was really good...I had licked the spoon for my first test and I think I got too much of the condensed milk, but the bulk was delicious (shows how risky it can be to taste-test when cooking!)

Using the Cuisinart non-compressor ice cream maker:

500g blackcurrants stalks removed
100ml long life apple juice
225g granulated sugar
600ml double cream
397g tin sweetened condensed milk
dessert spoon of vanilla extract

Simmer the blackcurrants, apple juice and 25g sugar for five minutes. Add remaining sugar and simmer for five minutes. Sieve. Cool before making ice cream!!! Fridge-cold for everything.

When cold, beat cream till pretty thick, add fridge-cold condensed milk and the vanilla. Beat again so it's soft-peaky in consistency. Spoon the cold puree into the cream and spoon into Cuisinart for a good 20 to 25 mins. Then spoon into plastic tubs.

Kind regards, Tom


Blackcurrant Ice Cream

I only have 300g of blackcurrants from our second and final picking - about 150g short of what I'd like for a second batch of ice cream. What other fruit, that I might get from the greengrocer, would be a good complement.

I wondered about a cooking apple coarsely pureed to give texture?

Thank you.

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