Gelatine leaves vs sachet conversion

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Gelatine leaves vs sachet conversion

Delia's Vanilla cream terrines call for 1.5 11g sachets of gelatine but I can only find leaf gelatine these days. I have fine leaf gelatine 25g (15 leaves). How many leaves do I need for this recipe and/or does anyone know the conversion sachets vs leaves? I've tried to work it out in the past but got it seriously wrong!

Lindsey, Food Editor

Leaf gelatine quantity

Hello Coco14,

You will need 7g of leaf gelatin or 4 sheets, each measuring about 11cm by 7.5cm.

Soften the gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes first then squeeze it to remove the excess water before you whisk it into the warm cream.

Best wishes


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