Reducing sugar in a recipe

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Reducing sugar in a recipe


I find many cake recipes too sweet for me. I would love to know how to reduce the sugar content whilst still getting a nice result.

Can I just reduce the sugar or do I need to replace the lost sugar with something.

The recipes that I would like to try this on would be Delia's fruit cake and also the basic sponge but I'd love to know in general.


Lindsey, Food Editor

Reducing sugar in a recipe

Hello Georgie,

I haven’t tried reducing the sugar in any of Delia’s cake recipes. I don’t think there is a general rule but I am sure that many people do reduce the sugar If you have the time I think its worth a try. Perhaps half the sugar and see what the result is.

It’s the sort of thing I would enjoy having a go at time permitting.

When you Google low sugar cakes there are some interesting results that pop up. There are many Deliaonline members that bake so they may have recipes of their own which they have uploaded. I’m sure they will let you know if they do.

Sorry I couldn’t be any more helpful,

Best wishes



Reducing sugar in a recipe

I often reduce the sugar in cake recipes if I think it looks like too much!!
Don't have a formula but probably reduce by a quarter to a third the amount in the the recipe. Never had any problems, but I haven't tried going as low as half the amount. You'd have to experiment a bit!!

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