Delia cakes - oven temperatures

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Delia cakes - oven temperatures

I have just got my copy of Delia cakes and am looking forward to making them - where shall I start. However I have a question about oven temperatures for the recipes. The temperature is given but does not say if this is for a fan oven or not. How do I know what is meant and how do I modify it for use with a fan oven.
Thank you

Lindsey, Food Editor

Delia cakes - oven temperatures

Hello Hol,

All of the cakes in the book were tested in an oven using conventional heat.

We haven’t tested Delia’s Cakes recipes in a fan oven.

Generally, when using a fan assisted oven it is recommended to reduce the temperature by 20 degrees but you should check your oven manufacturers handbook to be sure.

If you have the facility on your oven to switch to conventional heat (i.e. top and bottom heat) we would recommend this when baking cakes etc.

From the feedback we have had here on deliaonline, it seems that sponge cakes and scones do not rise very well using fan assisted heat for many but some fan oven users report very good results so it will be a bit of trial and error.

The online cookery school was produced to go with the book is you want to take a look via the home page.

Best wishes


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