Help Dry Cupcakes

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Help Dry Cupcakes

What can I do to stop my cupcakes coming out too dry? I use a Mary Berry recipe, but use less suger as I find her recipes too sweet for my taste.
Is there anyway of improving the cupcakes once they have been baked and are too dry?

Lindsey, Food Editor

Cupcake help

Hello Walthamx,

Generally I would say that if your cupcakes are dry it is because you have over baked them.

We don’t have a sponge based cupcake recipe on the site so we will put one on from the new book this week.

We can’t comment on recipes from other authors but you could try their respective websites to see what they say.

If you have a dry batch of cupcakes I would suggest turning them into butterfly cakes with either lemon or orange curd.

Best wishes


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