200g instead of 50g, please can I rescue this cake?

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200g instead of 50g, please can I rescue this cake?

I've only gone and added 200g of desiccated coconut to My cake mixture instead of 50g. I have a very special friend coming later & the cake was supposed to be a little bit of something special to share. I'm desperate for any advice on how to rescue My disaster?

By the way, I've been cooking with You & from Your recipe book now for 30years & You've always been a dependable & excellent cook. Thank You.
Deborah McCarron

Lindsey, Food Editor

For theletterdee

Hello theletterdee,

You don’t say if it is one of our recipes but I guess as the coconut will make the cake dryer than the original recipe it could be rescued by drizzling it with citrus syrup such as the one in tis recipe


Or perhaps one with some alcohol such as the syrup in this recipe could be lovely.


Either way stab the cake all over with a skewer and drizzle in as much as you think it will take without making it too wet and you can always spoon over a little more once portioned on the plate.

Good Luck


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