Gluten & Fructose Intolerance

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Sharon at Patterson Lakes

Gluten & Fructose Intolerance

My friend cannot eat gluten, nor can she eat onions, garlic, leeks etc. Gluten-free recipes are not my main problem; however due to her fructose intolerance, I can't find a recipe for a casserole, stew or even a soup. Do you have any suggestions?


Fructose intolerance

You may find that your friend can tolerate garlic and/or onion flavoured oils, because apparently the fructans which she(?) is sensitive to are not soluble in oil. Also try a pinch of the Indian spice asafoetida in place of leeks/onions/garlic. Hope that hepls!

Lindsey, Food Editor

Gluten & Fructose Intolerance

Hello Sharon,

It must be quite a challenge finding recipes. Presumable you are adapting recipes to meet your needs. Hopefully you have a list of ingredients that you can use. Obviously omit the onions, garlic and leeks but consider adding herbs and spices to enhance flavours. For this recipe for example I would omit the onion and garlic but add fresh rosemary, use gluten free flour and swap the tomatoes (if you need to?) for mushrooms or asparagus.

There are a few helpful sites that I have looked at today. Try Googling fructose free recipes and you will get some suggestions that might help or inspire.

Good luck,




Check out Indian recipes as many Indians do not eat any of the allium family.
A lot of their recipes are useful for vegans too.

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