Is it me??

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Is it me??

Why do I have such a problem with the search engine on Delia on line? I put in Lasagne( tried it with an E on the end and an A ) and it said nothing matched. I knew this was wrong so I Googled lasagna and, sure enough, followed the link to the recipe for Lasagna al fourno on Deliaonline! there were several other recipes for delicious veggie lasagna etc. as well. Just for the hell of it I put lasagna al fourno into the search and still got no match??

sam from worthing

not just you....

as experiment, i tried a recipe search for lasagna/lasagne too just like you have said. and came up with no recipe found.

yet if you google lasagna and delia you get links to recipes.

this is not the first time i have had problems either, and i have mentioned this in the past - way way way back in time.

your spelling and recipe titles seem to have to be 100% correct to get you to a recipe on here.

which is a shame, and maybe a blip that needs looking into - as i know there are loads of overseas people who know and love delia but the site may be lacking somehow - and if you ask in the community section you can be made to feel a bit of a dummy, unless a member can point you in the right direction with maybe a link to that recipe.


Me too...

I get very frustrated with the search facility too. I also Google it and find it that way. You have to know the exact title of what you're looking for and I stand no chance.


Me Too

It's always been a really poor search engine and hasn't been improved over the years!
Google is so good, but really shouldn't need to go outside the site to search for the recipes.

Definitely something that needs looking into.


I don't know how the recipes are organized here...

I don't know how the recipes are organized here, but it is possible that the recipe store (or the whole website) needs to be re-analyzed and re-indexed.

Typically you might use Google as your search engine or you have an index that lives locally on your servers (such as Solr for those who care). If it is the latter you must manually re-index them as you add more items to the website.

I'm not bashing this site (I've never used the search) but trying to offer some explanation.

I'm a software engineer who has done this for decades now..



Perhaps, NateJ, you would appreciate the problem with the search engine on this site if you tried using it for a few recipes.
We are talking usability here, I don't think we need to know about the software set-up.
It cannot be right that Google is the easiest way to find a specific recipe, rather than trawl through this site.

Noreen, Board Moderator


We are more than aware that our search facility falls short on Delia Online, we all use it too. The problem is, to have it improved is incredibly costly - and I mean incredibly costly!

However, we had decided at the beginning of 2013 that we would see if we could get the search fixed and this is something we now hope to have completed this year.

Hope you don't all mind struggling a while longer!



Hi Foodie cook, I typed lasagne (with an 'e') into the search box on this page and it came up with lasagne al forno and two or three other recipes.
So for me no problem. If I cannot find what I want I try different spellings and arrangements of words, and it usually comes up with what I want.

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