Big cakes

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Big cakes

Dear Delia
I have to make a large sponge cake for my son's 40th birthday party but I cannot find a recipe for a sponge that is 12"x12". I don't mind doing three cakes to make three layers but I don't know whether to just multiply up the ingredients for a victoria sponge made with three eggs 6 oz sugar, 6oz flour and 6oz of butter which would make two 8" sponges. Do you have any ideas as to the weights for a 20" square cake?
Thanks Sonia Jacks


Big cake

If you genuinely want to have a 20 inch cake it might be simpler to make 4 x 10 inch cakes, put them together and cover with icing.

I have to say, 20 inches is massive! How many is it for?

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