Twice-baked Goats' Cheese Souffles

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Twice-baked Goats' Cheese Souffles

I am going to make 16 souffl&"233;s two days in advance. However, I only have 4 ramekin dishes.

The recipe says to leave the souffl&"
233;s in the ramekins after cooking and to take them out to reheat.

Will there be any issues if I don't leave them in the ramekins but take them out and store in the fridge?

Queen of Puds

Twice baked souffl├ęs

I have turned mine out & left them all on one tray in the fridge for a day with no ill effects whatsoever - go for it!

sam from worthing

twice baked souffles

Oh my, this is one recipe i have failed to do - and every time i hear or see the recipe i think I MUST MAKE spares can be frozen...prefect for just 2 of us.

and delias twice baked souffles are so often used on come dine with me! can't count the number of times i have seen delias veggie book on peoples work top.!!! and it has always gone down very very well.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Twice-baked Goats' Cheese Souffles

Hello Amanda,

Delia and I have recently been working with twice baked souffles. They can as queen of puds says be made and removed from the ramekins in advance. If you chill them before you take them out of the ramekins it will be easier.

Best wishes


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