12" creole cake cooking time

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12" creole cake cooking time

Help! I have filled a 12" silverline cake tin with crele cake mixture ( used twice the given recipe plus one fifth to fill tin)

I would like to know how long to cook it for at 140 degrees?

It's for the base of a three tier wedding cake for daughter's wedding.

I would also like advice as to what recipe to use for the 9" sponge and the 6" top round. For the middle one I want a firm sponge that will be strong enough to hold the small cake and be firm enough to cut into slices without crumbing too much. I am thinking of doing three 9"
rounds separately as I don't feel confident cutting it evenly enough.

All help, advice and ideas gratefully received. Need tips on icing too. Was thinking royal on big one and fondant rolled icing on other two.

Thanks from Dahlia
( not my real name but all my other choices were taken!

Lindsey, Food Editor

12 inch creole cake cooking time

Hello Dahlia,

For the large Creole Cake I would start checking the cake at 4 hours then every half hour the thereafter until it feels firm in the centre.

I don’t have a tested recipe for a sponge cake suitable for a layered wedding cake but this one is on the site from Rita, which I’m sure, can be increased.


I think your icing ideas sound good.

Best wishes


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