Preserved Ginger Cake Recipe

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miss bluejay

Preserved Ginger Cake Recipe

Hi All,

Just about to make the above cake. I have the new cook book. Looking down at the ingredients for the icing.
Under the section icing and topping it says 225g white fondant icing & juice of a lemon.. Then further down under the method the instructions state to sift the icing sugar in a bowl. Is there a mistake in the ingredients list and should if state 225grams of icing sugar to make the icing together with the juice of lemon.

Please advise.

Best wishes,

Lindsey, Food Editor

Fondant Icing Sugar

Hello Miss bluejay,

Great choice, this is one of our favourites. The Fondant Icing Sugar is the powdered sort that you will find alongside normal icing sugar in the supermarket. You can see a packet of it and it being used on this video technique at the 44 seconds spot.

If you have bought normal powdered icing sugar you can use that instead if you like.

Happy baking,


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