My first baking disaster!

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My first baking disaster!

Help - I love baking and am always pleased with my results. I am working my way through the Delia Cake Baking book and have had an unexpected disaster with the quick Apricot, Apple and Pecan loaf. It looked lovely, was meant to be easy and looked fabulous when it came out of the oven. I left it to cool in the tin as instructed and then put it on a wire rack. The problem was that it just wouldn't slice without falling apart - I ended up with a pile of cake bits I tried a bread knife and my sharpest carving knife as well as my normal cake knife to no avail - it was beautiful, not under or over cooked so what happened?

Lindsey, Food Editor

Apricot, Apple and Pecan Loaf

Hello Kerry58,

We have not found this to be a problem during the testing of this recipe but we are certain that we will be making it again soon so we will look at it again then with your post in mind.

Best wishes


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