Squidgy chocolate cake

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Squidgy chocolate cake

I made the sqidgy chocolate cake for my mum's birthday but the chocolate mousse filling became too firm when I added the egg yolks and was a disaster! The rest of the cake was fine. How do I correct it? and where did I go wrong?

Lindsey, Food Editor

Squidgy chocolate cake

Hello Sazzaduke,

It sounds like you overheated the chocolate when you melted it.

It’s important that the water in the saucepan is barely simmering and that the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

Let the chocolate melt slowly.

The water needs to be added to the broken chocolate before you melt the chocolate, not after.

If you think the water in the pan might be getting too hot, pull the pan off the heat and just let the chocolate sit over the hot water.

Once the chocolate has melted remove the bowl and let the chocolate cool a little before you beat in yolks then whisk the whites and fold them in.

Finally don’t chill it for too long or it will be too stiff to spread.

Best wishes


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