Christmas cake recipe scaling

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Christmas cake recipe scaling

Please could you provide me with the ingredients for a 7 inch and 10 inch round Christmas cake as these are not on the scaling guide


Cake scaling

You have several choices.

Use the larger quantities and make a slightly deeper cake.
Work out the mid-point between the quantities given.
Look through past posts, where you will find a link to an outside website which does what you want. That website has been given many times; we are not supposed to give links.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Scaling Up fruit cake ingredients

Hello Kano,

It have not tested these but based on the chart I would suggest a 3 egg recipe for your 7 inch round tin and a 7 egg recipe for your 10 inch round cake.

For myself I take into consideration that rich fruitcakes trim very easily when cold and frequently they are trimmed anyway to get a nice flat surface for icing and stacking. So I think its better to make a deep cake that needs trimming than a shallow cake that cannot be used for the occasion.

I hope that is helpful.

Best wishes


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