Gressingham Duck Breasts

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Gressingham Duck Breasts

Hi there I wander if you can help me decide a delicious but easy recipe for Duck breast please, I am cooking it for my 4 year old and myself so can't be spicy etc.. Look forward to your reply. Nina

Lindsey, Food Editor

Duck Breasts

Hello Nina,

I don’t have a particular recipe. When I cook duck breast at home I score the fat then cook them in a dry frying pan, fat side down over a medium to low heat until the fat melts and the skin crisps for about 20 minutes. Then I drain the fat (you can keep this for roast potatoes if you like). Then flip the breasts over and give them 5 or 10 minutes depending on how pink you like your duck. My husband likes to eat the crispy skin but when I serve this to my daughter I remove the skin then slice it thinly and serve it with lots of steamed vegetables.

If you would like some more suggestions try asking your question again on the Can anyone help forum. There a re lots of experienced cooks who may share their recipes.

Best wishes


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