Where's Delia?????

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Bill Rubino

Where's Delia?????

I used to be the most avid Delia follower. I always thought that if its British its Delia. I have Delia cookbooks and watched Delia on BBC. Like Julia, Delia was a cooking Icon unlike so many of today TV chefs you could always rely on Dehlia. Now I have been hooked up with Delia on Line and it's just nonsense. Fewer recipes and lots of Delia wants to sell you something. What? Well you name it and she has something you can't live without only if you take her recommendation and buy it or support it. Nonsense! is all I can say. She has gone from being an icon to being a salesman. I think she has lost the plot not just for me but for many people. I not longer believe that there is anything altruistic there any more. Money is the motivation and that's not what she preaches. What she gives is what she'll get, which isn't anything I'm interested in any longer. Just don't take her seriously any more. Sorry, been thinking this for awhile so - there I finally wrote it down.



Hi, I think your comment is ill thought-out and unfair. Delia's explained that what TV is looking for in the way of programme material is not 'Delia'. Delia is a cook and wants to teach cookery, not cheffing and she doesn't just want to entertain. That's why she's said 'no more TV'.

Your point about 'money' doesn't make sense.

Delia's videos, books and recipes are all produced with professional input - this isn't YouTube stuff, one-off recipes tried once or twice at home and published or un-researched material. The website design, maintenance and hosting all also costs a huge sum of money for an enterprise the size of the Delia brand. How is all that going to be paid for?

Delia's chosen to carry on working after normal retirement age. Many do, especially people in the public eye, such as actors, musicians and personalities. Would you expect to work for nothing? Surely it's only reasonable for her to expect an income from her work?

Given that Delia's chosen style is not wanted by the TV companies (at least for the time being as they want entertainers and chefs, not cooks) quite sensibly Delia has moved to new technology - the Internet. Unlike the BBC she doesn't get money from the taxpayer, so, like all other commercial media, the site has to raise revenue by running advertisements. I don't know whether you're objecting to things like toothpaste ads that have been on the site recently? Not inappropriate concurrent with the cake videos, though! The product endorsements that Delia runs look to me to be far superior to most endorsements. She does apparently get involved in the products she puts her brand to. You might not get a free Parker pen just for enquiring, but I'd bet you'd get some good cookware.

If you think it through, you'll agree that advertising and endorsed products are not just 'acceptable' but they are also about the only way in our present financial system to make it happen. For the very minor inconvenience of ads we get a whole raft of professionally-tested recipes, some excellent 'how-to' cookery school videos and this forum area where we can exchange views, recipes, experiences, tips, or just chat.

Take away the revenue-generating side and it would all fold. That would be sad for us all. Still, if it's not to your taste, that's fair enough. We all look for something different and there is a huge choice out there. With the exception of the publicly-funded (obligatory funding, at that) BBC everyone has to run ads other than one or two very small niche groups.

Noreen, Board Moderator


Hello Bill and welcome to Delia Online.

We are really sorry you are not enjoying the site, but are a little confused by your comments, particularly as we have recently launched Delia's Online Cookery School, to add to almost 1,500 of her recipes we have available, all of which are completely free.

Best wishes,


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