Cook ahead desserts

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Sandi H

Cook ahead desserts


I have volunteered to do the desserts for a friend's forthcoming special birthday at which there are due to be 115 guests but because of other commitments I want to prepare these desserts beforehand. Do you have any good dessert recipes that can be made well in advance / freeze well? I will also need to transport them to the party venue on the day. Someone told me that jelly freezes well & I wonder if the summer berry terrine might work well in this instance?


Cook Ahead Desserts

People must get fed up of me recommending this dessert, but it really is one of the BEST cook ahead desserts I have ever made.
Delia's Chocolate Truffle Torte is FABULOUS ! and freezes impeccably.
Sometimes I ring the changes and put it on a biscuit base, then on top of the biscuit base I scatter nibbed almonds and sliced dried cranberries before putting on the Truffle mixture, then when slightly set dust with a mix of cocoa powder and caster suger, well mixed and seived over the finished Torte to give it extra depth, (and it goes further). Beware it is VERY moorish and a little goes a long way. Good Luck and have a fabulous day.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Cook ahead desserts

Hello Sandie H,

In my experience jelly does not freeze successfully.

I agree about the Truffle Torte and also some of the the desserts, or types of desserts that I have made ahead or frozen successfully are as follows…..

Fallen Chocolate Soufflé

Pavlovas can be made a week ahead and quickly assembled on the day. The vanilla mascarpone cream and the fruit coulis (can be frozen) can be made a few days ahead and if you do raspberries instead of strawberries there will less prep on the day.

Or the little meringues can be made ahead well in advance and frozen then assembled on the day.

Or even easier you could quickly assemble Eton Mess on the day.

Summer Fruit Compote can be made a few days ahead and served on he day with vanilla mascarpone cream and a biscuit, something like a hazelnut shortbread works well.

I think that Lancaster Lemon Tart will freeze really well.

Chocolate brownies are always popular and can freeze really well. They an be made more into a dessert by serving them with whipped vanilla cream and some chocolate sauce.

In the new book the Apricot Hazelnut Meringue Cake keeps well and the apricot filling can be made ahead and frozen.

Blueberry Muffin Cake freezes really well and could be served with a compote of blueberries and some whipped vanilla or cinnamon cream.

One Crust Pie can be made completely and frozen. We do this to make use of the fruit when they are at their best.

I hope that is all helpful,

Good luck,


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