Blue haze on Cooke fruit cake

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Blue haze on Cooke fruit cake

Hi. I made a fruit cake foe a very good friend for 60 th birthday. The only thing I did not do was put any sprit in the cake. I keepet it as normal thinking it would mature. Then marzipan it and covered it in blue fondant. They took it back to France with them but when asked how was the cake the reply was ' what had I done as there was a blue haze on the cake so it when in the bin'. Needles to say I was vey up set as this is the first time I have had this happen. I even still have a Christmas cake that was made in October. This was very quickly got out and investigated under my father magnifying glass, but nothing on it at all it did smell nice and it has been feed with sprits. Needless to say I am very up set can you help


Blue haze

Sounds like mould. Perhaps the cake was not kept correctly.

What a shame and waste.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Blue Haze

Hello Wernjenny,

Welshcookie may well be correct as fruit cakes made without alcohol do not keep very long compared with those made with alcohol which last in an airtight tin in a cool place for ages. If the cake was kept in a slightly warm place the cake will spoil even faster too.

I agree it’s a sham after you went to all that effort.

Kind regards


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