11" x 7" rectangular cake recipe

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11" x 7" rectangular cake recipe

Hi, would you be able to advise me what quantities of mixture and cooking times please. I am wanting to make a sponge cake in my 11" x 7" rectangular cake tin, 1.5" depth but everytime I attempt the middle doesnt cook. Please help! Many thanks

Lindsey, Food Editor

11 x 7 rectangular cake recipe

Hello Rachieh1,

In Delia’s first cakes book she used a tin measuring 7 by 11 inches. When we did the new book – Delia’s Cakes we couldn’t find a suitable, sturdy tin that was the same so we now use the Silverwood oblong tin measuring 8 by 10 inches. As the most loved cakes in the original book have all been re-tested and adjusted as necessary I think any of the cakes on the site (there are about 6) and in the new book that use the 8 by 10 inch (20 by 26cm) should also work in your tin.

I hope that helps,

Best wishes

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