Bicarb v Baking Powder

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Rob C

Bicarb v Baking Powder

Hi Lindsey,

Have often wondered what the difference is between bicarb and baking powder.

Some recipes call for one and not the other, and some ask for a bit of both.

Is there a difference in how they work, and what they contribute to the recipe?

Rob :)

Lindsey, Food Editor

Bicarb v Baking Powder

Hello Rob,

Delia and I think bicarbonate of soda on its own can be used when there is acid present in the ingredients such as buttermilk or lemon and it seems work really well where there is dark brown sugar or black treacle present as in gingerbread, and it’s sometimes used with cream of tartar, which provides the acid.

Best wishes

Delia and Lindsey

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