Low fat Lurpak

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Margaret Elizabeth Hayward

Low fat Lurpak

Can you tell me if low fat soft margarines can be used for making cakes with an all-in-one recipe please

Lindsey, Food Editor

Low fat Lurpak

We haven’t tested the cakes with low fat butters or soft margarines. There are lots of experienced cooks who participate in the forums who may have tried them so perhaps they will let us know. I will have a go when I can.
Best wishes


Low fat spreads

Low fat spreads are essentially fat + emulsified water. During cooking the emulsion breaks down and you end up with fat + water. Where the product needed the fat for texture or flavour, that is going to be missing.

You can use 'spreadable' fats as a direct replacement in cooking as they are usually at least 80% fat (the same as butter and marge) you can't use 'low fat'. Maybe there are some unknown to me and no doubt that'll be shown on the pack but unless it tells you how to use it, I wouldn't even try.

The 'cholesterol-reducing' spreads such as Benecol are a different can of worms and you need to follow the makers' directions.

Trex and similar are actually 100% fat and Trex recommend that you reduce the amount used by 20% to bring it into line with typical butter and marge fat content.

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